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Vision is one of our most valuable senses. Care and attention of your eyes should be part of your regular health care, especially as we age. But no matter your age, it is important to visit an Optometrist regularly to have your eyes checked. Changes in your vision are often subtle and so you might not notice important changes to your eye sight.

Our patients tell us we are very personable and caring. So we look forward to meeting you and providing you with personal high quality eye care and eye wear services. Call us today at 301-662-5474 to schedule your next eye exam.
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Dr. Frishman is dedicated to protecting the future of your vision by providing you and your family with the highest quality eye care. Dr Frishman is personable, caring, and ready to assist or answer any questions you may have about eye care.

Whether you are looking for eye glasses, contact lenses, Lasik Pro, or simply have a question about your vision, please contact us.

Trying to find an Optometrist or eye glasses, contact lenses and other eye care in Frederick , Maryland? Consider our Optician office for the care of your eyesight.
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Use Rosemont Ave exit off of Frederick Freeway (US-15) toward Fort Detrick. Rosemont Ave becomes Yellow Springs Rd. 
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